Progress IS impossible without change. Don’t get discouraged, that’s not a bad thing, it’s really good because this way there is always hope for a better you or a better tomorrow. There is no such thing that this is how I am and there is also no such thing change is impossible. Quoting Ross from my favorite TV show FRIENDS: ‘that’s just a bunch of boohakie’, really it is. There is growing research and significant proof that if you want to see a change in your life like achieving a goal, changing your behavior, or changing your mindset… YOU CAN. For example, I changed my whole eating behavior and attitude towards food. What to eat, when to eat, and when to say no. Yes, it took me around 5 years of practice, but I’m proud of my achievements. Some days it worked, other days it went down the drain but in the end, I’ve managed to work towards reaching my goal. When you enforce your mind to do something you want to do, no force on earth will stop you from doing it. It all starts with you. So, don’t listen to the pessimist who will tell you, this is who you are and there is no room to grow and change… you can’t do it… it’s impossible … you will fail… And the remaining blah blah blah talk because you won’t! Great works are performed, not by strength, positions, money, or titles, but by grit, resilience, trial and error, and most importantly perseverance. Have a little faith in yourself, that’s all you need💫

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