Why Not

Have you ever had a deep meaningful conversation that left your mind on reflection mode speed X 2? Well, this happened to me today with a person that is neither a stranger nor a friend- I’d like to call him my friendger….

It was a long conversation about life and it all started by me asking him why do you do the things that you do and his response was “why not”.

I must say that at first, it took me by surprise his very strong and confident “why not”. It felt like I had been hit by a bus! No really! For a person who values and practices reflection every day, I must say I started seeing stars twirling in the day light sky! The more and more he spoke, the more and more inspired I got! I told him that I rarely think of why not, instead I always asked why.

My friedger explained to me that the why approach will tend to leave you sometimes in your comfort zone. Life will not always give you the answers you are waiting. The longer you wait the longer you will stay where you are and hence you wont move.

Let me tell you why, in his defense he explained that when you keep searching in your mind for answers to your daily why’s you only move forward when you have a logical reason that will make you move forward because you got your reassuring answer and that my friend is what moves you. Brilliant!

Whereas if you use the same sentence and start it with why not, a pool of possibilities and opportunities come forth. C’mon try it, ask yourself a question starting with why. Did you? Ok, great! Now the same question start with why not! Are you smiling now? I’m pretty sure you are. So simple, instead of why …. why not! Who could have though the affect of these two powerful words!

Long story short, if you want to get out of our comfort zone and want to get things happen start your sentence with “why not” instead of “why”. Thank you my friendger, for cross passing my way to teach me a valuable lesson that will keep me moving forward every single day!

When people ask “why?” Be the one to say “Why not?”

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