Parenting is one of the most challenging roles ever. The minute you are blessed with the title “parent,” you are bestowed with an endless, yes endless, amount of roles, accountability, responsibilities, and obligations. One of the many roles of parents is modeling and teaching their children the desired behavior YOU, as a parent, want them to follow. This does not happen overnight or from a one-time talk. This is something that YOU, the parent, will have to do daily, yes, daily, until you see the desired change in your child’s behavior. One of the many successful strategies is modeling the desired behavior; what you see is what you get. If you want your child to show respect, you respect them first, if you don’t want them to shout, you don’t shout, if you want them to listen, you need to listen, if you want them to be calm, let them sleep early and feed them proper/nutritious food, if you want them to be accountable and responsible give them enough tasks to help them PRACTICE being responsible and when they fail, hold them accountable not the people around them. Let your child understand what does accountability mean and help them practice it through your daily interactions.

Please do not blame your child for the behavior you didn’t follow; model, practice, and help to change. No magic wand will make the change or difference you want to see. The amount of time and effort you give is the result of the behavior that you will see. 💫

All beautiful changes in our children start at home and start with you, the parent.


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