Connected or Disconnected

Not every connection means you are connected. To stay ‘humanly’ connected you need social-emotional skills, physical, verbal, eye contact, and many more ‘human-related skills. Unfortunately, these skills nowadays seem obsolete. I see a world where the rising generation struggles to run face-to-face conversations, maintain proper eye contact, proper body posture, socialize, listen attentively, and solve problems. No technological advancement in the whole wide world will replace natural human advancement. The 70s, 80s, and some of the 90s generation have enough ‘human-related skills to keep them going in life. My worry lies in the upcoming generations and the effect of media on their ‘human-related skills- skills that no app will ever replace or develop. If your child has difficulty listening, concentrating, staying focused, is restless, antisocial, mostly lost, daydreams, is unable to complete basic age-related tasks, is not responsible, is always bored, can’t solve basic problems on their own while showing an inability to speak instead of using physical aggression by hitting then it’s time to disconnect them from the social world and connect to the human world💫

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